We knit clothes and accessories in a human-scale atelier located in Mongolia.


Every piece issued from sustainable sources, respects the well-being of the animals and is ethically produced.


We are convinced that our products will maintain into the future the style of life we now lead.


We like to collaborate with brands sensitive to design, ecology, and societal responsibility.

Origins. We meet with nomadic herders to unearth the finest quality the country has to offer.

Environment. We work with certified sustainable cashmere, yak, and camel fibers.

Eclectic collaborations


Our collaborations with luxurious and avant-garde brands reflect our commitment to craft, complexity, and perfection. See some of our clients: Here.

Our team


At HYPECHASE, we are devoted to making every garment a respectable contract for the environment, as well as an outstanding quality experience.


For us, it doesn’t make sense to talk about trends. We see our work as exquisite, daring, and exclusive.

Creative Freedom

With our clients, we will continue exploring the boundaries of contemporary design through multiple creation methods.

Hand Knitting
We create your timeless pieces entirely knitted by hand with experienced fingers.
Hand Spinning
We venerate authenticity by spinning yarn manually with traditional methods.
Machine Knitting
We outperform complex pieces with fully automated cutting-edge knitting machines.

Sustainable Thinking

Our company has a firm commitment to quality, excellence, and integrity. Our approach to sustainability is guided by the areas in which we can have the greatest social and environmental impact.

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