A secret sheep living far away in Mongolia

A rare Mongolian sheep with an undercoat that feels like cashmere

The sartuul sheep

Is a rare breed called Sartuul Sheep is living in a remote Mongolian province called Zavkhan. This sheep has a much softer undercoat than other similar breeds. This is why we use it to make modern minimalist pullovers and other garments.

The reason why Hypechase calls this sheep a secret sheep is because we couldn’t find any reliable information about this very special shppe on the Internet. Even our provider – a reliable NGO from Switzerland – is not able to send us a picture of this animal. So far, as we couldn’t see it from our eyes, we will continue to call the Sartuul Sheep, our little secret sheep.


Similar to the Mongolian cashmere goats, yaks in Mongolia also grow a thin layer of soft hair every winter… We chase innovation see what is possible to do with the Mongolian yak down.