Sartuul Sheep
Mongolian Sartuul Sheep Pullover

The Mongolian Sartuul sheep is an extremely rare breed living in the north of Mongolia, in a province called Zavkhan. The weather is so cold up there that the animal is growing a specific natural layer that is much softer than other sheep.

Origin of the fabric

Our provider is a Mongolian NGO called Green Gold. Their goal is to prevent the overgrazing situation in Mongolia by working closely with herders. Together, they limit the number of animals per square kilometer to make sure the Mongolian green land remains intact season after season.

They also provide health care to the herder and their families. As well as medical support for the pastures.

How it’s made

The Mongolian Sartuul sheep wool comes in two natural colors: White cream and light grey. Except for the orange marks, the color of the garment remains natural.

The yarn is spun by Green Gold in a factory located in Ulaanbaatar. Then we knit the yarn into finished garments in Ulaanbaatar where the workers are paid correctly and covered by social and health insurance.

More info about the Sartuul Sheep wool: Click here

Hypechase - Knitwear pullover of Mongolian Sartuul sheep wool

Who did the design?

Hypechase’s artistic director is a well-known Mongolian fashion designer called Lida Borkhuu. After designing countless garments made with imported ready-made fabrics, she learned the hard techniques of knitwear in order to use the luxurious sustainable fibers originating from her own country.

This garment comes from the Hypechase 2022 Fall/Winter collection called Phantasiai.

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