Natan is a Belgium-based contemporary womenswear and accessories brand founded in 1930.

Besides their haute-couture créations, Natan remains curious to collaborate with designers and artists from different horizons.


HYPECHASE is a fashion label founded by a couple of creators from Belgium and Mongolia.

Driven to transform fashion into a sustainable activity, the company works with the finest sustainable fibers from Mongolia.

Handspun cashmere in Mongolia
Hand spinning
Mongolian cashmere
Handknitting cashmere
Hand knitting
Made with the finest Mongolian cashmere

We sourced the fiber from a Mongolian NGO called Sustainable Cashmere Union. Their goal is to prevent the overgrazing situation in Mongolia. As goats are eating the roots of the grass, season after season, the land gets dryer and starts to look like a desert. An excess of goats creates the consequent problem of desertification in the country.

To avoid such a situation, the Mongolian Cashmere Union is working closely with the nomadic herders in order to regulate the number of goats per square kilometer. They also provide workshops to teach herders how to comb the goats without harming the animal. As well as providing medical assistance to nomadic families and veterinary care to animals.



To keep the initial softness of cashmere fibers, each centimeter of yarn is made by hand.


To accomplish the work, the spinner has to be in a constant state of meditative flow.


Resulting in a production of only 100g of yarn per day.



Baigalmaa is passionate about hand-knitting since a young age. A passion that is now her full-time occupation.

She translates our sketches into calculations before making the actual garment.

Her kindness and attentive attitude are reflected in the way each garment of this project is knitted.

Why doing everything manually?

Working with cashmere is extremely difficult due to the fragility of the fiber. Every step that is transforming the cashmere into a finished garment is destroying the fiber.

Another way to keep the quality of the cashmere is by manipulating everything by hand and avoiding the use of chemicals. That is what we accomplished in this project.

HYPECHASE discovered a handful of people in Mongolia that had the ability to spin and knit yarn by hand. Those ladies, living in the countryside or in the suburbs of the city are now part of the company.

Our team is now making clothes for some of the most renowned brands in the world. This time, with the prestigious Maison Natan.

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