ODXO - Deejay in Mongolia

ODXO – Trip to Detroit

We wouldn’t expect such a well-calibrated selection when asked young Mongolian deejay ODXO to prepare a set for Hypechase. One hour of delectable Detroit techno groove embellished with melodies and atmospheric leads. At only 21, ODXO is the resident deejay at two main electronic music clubs in Ulaanbaatar. [Interview below]

I recently found an incredible live set of Octave One from Detroit. And for this set, I wanted to bring the same vibe as their style tainted with Detroit components: energetic melody and hard drums. As I am in their mood now I try to recreate their atmosphere.

I listen to underground music from high school years and it inspired me to share it as a deejay. I had my first residency at Choco Metropolis club in Ulaanbaatar and regularly plays melodic house, minimal house, or deep tech from time to time. Two years ago I joined deejay collectives named Rhythmic Station and TEPPAKT (pronounced Terrakt). I have been playing with them since then. The openness of these independent labels is interesting because at their parties I can play wider styles such as old school trance music.

The underground scene is growing in Mongolia for the past few years. A lot of deejays start to emerge. Clubs like ISO ROOM promotes local rising stars plus invites international artists. 2019 brought to the decks Alva Noto (founder of German label Raster Noton) or deep techno legend Blazej Malinowski. In parallel, sound systems are improving and it makes a big difference on the dancefloor.

If I could add something into the underground scene would be a lot more listeners! There is a lot of young people in Ulaanbaatar but electronic music still faces common prototypes such as the music is too repetitive or it is for people on drugs… But things are evolving. From my perspective, I listen to and play this music because it brings me a feeling of energy and empowerment. And I love to share these feelings.

Hope you’ll enjoy the set!