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The new Mongolian fashion design identity

Gradient of Human is a Mongolian fashion design collective. Four young and talented artists are guided by a single goal: promote a modern image of Mongolia.

The other day, a friend was attracted by something on her phone. She asked me if I wanted to discover a new Mongolian fashion brand. While swiping the pictures, I understood something exciting was going on. The screen displayed very professional and avant garde. Pictures of models wearing uncommon jackets with interesting shapes and quality fabrics. One hour later I was in the shop. Surrounded by modern designs, curious to know what was behind Gradient of Human…

The project includes three fashion designers (Autumn7AEROMUTE) and Hiroshi. The later is an enigmatic and charismatic character extremely skillful in visual art. All the designers are graduated from Fashion School. And all of them have professional experiences in different fashion house. The members combine their talents in a co-working space. They exchange artistic approaches, philosophy, techniques and business opportunities.

“The goal is not to work by ourselves but to influence each other in the creation process” said one of the members. “It’s not just about making clothes, it’s also about how to make them. How we can push our creativity and increase the look and feel of the product to make it perfect to the last detail”.

It is not only about making clothes, it is about how to make them, how we can collaborate to push our creativity and increase the look and feel of each product to make it perfect to the last detail”

Bilgune Hiroshi
Autumn7 - FW 2020 Collection
Autumn 7 – F/W 2020 Collection

How is it to work as a collective?

Gradient of Human was founded after long discussions between the four members. All close friends before starting the project. At the time, the designers were working for other Mongolian brands. A professional experience in other companies is significant for learning the big picture. But at the same time it limits creativity and personal freedom.

The project members felt a need to express personal feelings under a new entity. Which became the spark the Gradient of Human is based upon.

“One of our strategic objectives is to make sure each member can use their own label to express their unique perspective. Having the opportunity to influence and be influenced by others. It also ensures that each member has a sense of responsibility toward his brand without relying too much on the others.”

Hiroshi looks at it as a pure advantage: “We are all connected through fashion, but it can be movies, photography, music, culture and attitude. It’s a movement, that’s what we want. When we work on collections the collaboration is the key to success because sharing gives the opportunity to see things from a different angle. It’s team work! ”.

Autumn 7 – F/W 2020 Collection

What is the big picture of such collaboration?

The project is not only about selling clothes or making money. The ultimate goal is twofold. On the one hand, fashion design is used to create bridges between arts and cultural activities such as dance, music, movies or documentaries. On the other hand, they are working together to take part in the creation of a new Mongolian fashion identity.


From a macro-perspective, modern Mongolian fashion is very young. From the eye of foreigners, Mongolia doesn’t have a well-defined identity such as Japan or China. It is also difficult to find fashion critics to guide designers through the process. Over the years Mongolian consumers are becoming more educated and learning how to wear and respect clothes. How it can suit with their own sense of fashion.

The late 80’s generation has been raised in the last phase of communism and are quite limited on technical bases. It’s now a big challenge to compete with foreign markets. Mongolia is counting dozens of fashion brands yet is mostly inaccessible outside of Mongolia. That’s why Gradient of Humans would like to change the game with the hope to convey a new vision of Mongolian design.

The project reflects the ethos of the new Mongolian generation: talented, passionate, hardworking, inclusive, generous and determined to make a difference.

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Pictures by: Hiroshi

Article written by: Adrien de Ville

Review by: Gregory Greif

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