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ATOZ – A fabulous hill in the Mongolian fashion landscape

ATOZ is a Mongolian fashion brand. Two young, dynamic, and cute girls are in command guided by their instincts to create something fresh, simple and significant.

How did the fashion partnership started?

It is always interesting to discover how people meet and start something together. The two founders of ATOZ, Amarjargal and Zazral, met while working at Goyo. The famous Mongolian cashmere company. Dedication was essential to success and without compromise they bet everything to make something authentic in the Mongolian fashion landscape.

We conducted the interview in their shop. Two steps away from the hipster area of Ulaanbaatar where artists and skateboarders gladly share the sidewalks. An alley made of rocks leads the visitors to a modern secret garden filled with light and creativity. The interior is a smartly arranged and combine office, studio, kitchen and store altogether.

Except for the smiling Asian faces and some embroideries, we would have never guessed to be in Asia. Rather in some high-end handmade tailor place for young picky Europeans. The store presents a wide range of clothes from simple design to more complex shapes. Mostly for women but (hey guys!) some lines are made to be gender neutral as well.

ATOZ Fashion - Interior design

Being a small brand allows us to be close from our clients and create a specific relationship with them. We easily discuss about style and help them to choose what is suitable for them


What’s your creation process?

The store’s design sets the tone for the relationship the brand has with its clients. “Being a small brand allows us to be close to our clients and create a specific relationship with them” Amarjargal explains. “We easily discuss about style and help them to choose what is suitable for them. A robe can suit someone but not everyone. It depends on many factors such as your skin color or your body shape. Small tips can really make a difference, and we are happy to guide”.

On the creation process, the two founders/designers share their respective ideas and bring to each garment a sense of quality, comfort and uniqueness. “We have been wearing our clothes since the beginning and never miss a beat to optimize the shapes and design to end up with something accomplished.

We also tend to perpetuate the Mongolian heritage into something modern. The cuttings can be inspired from western culture but printings or embroideries are made by Mongolian artists or discretely inspired by traditional signs.” Affirm Zazral.


What is the value added by ATOZ to the customer?

Amarjargal and Zazral offer time to their customers. This is where the values of their brand shine through! Dedicating time represents much more than money. In the world of ATOZ you are in a human size company guided by human values. Profit doesn’t comes first. Prices are extremely cheap compared to the work behind. Being considered as a valuable human being is inspiring and contrasts to the consumer society considering the consumer as the product…

ATOZ believes the only solution is to let it go. Go ahead, feel respected and be yourself! It is important for the creator but also for the person buying clothes, “The way is more important than the destination.” You may even find some delicate customizations hidden on the setback of some clothes…

Concretely, the philosophy of the brand follows the customer’s journey: in busy times you can be brought straight from your workplace to an official cocktail and end up dancing in a home party. ATOZ outfits are made to fit for all occasions. Whether with high heels, sneakers or bare feet, it will always fit with style and harmony.

People should not take trends too much into account. It should be considered but wear what is comfortable will reflect the true self of an individual. Be brave and don’t mind to be different. This is where you will shine.

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Garment artwork by: B. Batka

Model pictures by: Tumurbaatar

Models: Tergel Gerelkhuyag, Enkhjin Battur, Oodblg Hb

Interior pictures by:, Luubat

Article by: Adrien de Ville

Interview by: Anudari Javzmaa

Review by: Gregory Greif

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