Mongolian electronic music band
Y.O – Pioneering the live electronic music scene in Mongolia

The musical approach of Y.O – Pronounced Youth On – consists of a blend of electro, house and electronica. The only duo in Mongolia orchestring analog synthesizers, drum machine, electric guitar, and vocals.

But they also multiply featurings and regularly surprise their audience with other instruments. Their new live show for BE Live brings along violins and a cello alongside drums and electronic noises.

Similar to other bands such as Apparat or Trentemøller, their compositions offer contemporary electronic music with a clear influence taken from rock music. The final result resembles warm and deep analog synths closer to new wave, indie rock and ambient.

Itgel – leader of the band – and his partner in crime, Sumiya on the guitar, doesn’t seem disturbed by the pandemic. The pair continues to sharpen their style and stack up new projects.

After a first album in 2019, a second album Ticket to is just released and offers ten tracks with deep bass, frightening leads, subtle electronic noises and Mongolian vocals. The album’s message is to bring energy to people and appeal to society to accomplish its mission. We noted how the band improved the subtlety of drums, echoes, distortions and other stereo effects to create a more consistent sound.

YO Live electronic from Mongolia

After 7 years of activities filled with twists and turns, the band is not only playing live for clubs or concert halls but also for bigger events such as Silent White and Playtime Festival – the most notorious music festival in the country.

Their live show made for Playtime Festival 2020 (a virtual edition due to COVID-19) presents 30 minutes in the streets of Ulaanbaatar. Haters will argue that some parts sounds slightly redundant but meanwhile the flow progresses in intensity and remains true to the band’s signature.

Our goal is to evoke mutiny of the universe inside you.


Y.O is on the right path to get international recognition. Not only because their music is of international quality, but also because they see their music as a business to be heard and made visible on a larger scale.

With the support of the great collective Mongol Mix Project and other talents, the team has gotten bigger with the support of graphic designers, 3D artists, managers and mixers operating in professional studios.

Time to take a look to their latest video!

We wish all the best to Youth On to introduce Mongolia in the international live electronic music scene!

More info on: Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp. Youtube and Soundcloud

Interview: Bono (band manager)

Author: Adrien de Ville

Review: Gregory Greif

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