Mongolian Model Eny Jaki
Autumn7 - Fashion in a Concrete Jungle

On her last collection, the Mongolian fashion designer Autumn7 worked closely with the talented film director Hiroshi and starring talented Mongolian top models Eni Jaki. An intense and deep collaboration reflecting a reality too often forgotten…

Mongolia is well known for its permanent blue sky and the hospitality of nomadic families. Despite this, the sun is not always bright and the capital city of Ulaanbaatar is no different than any other metropolis. UB harbors its own dark corners, decrepit homes and abandoned buildings. In spite of the destroyed roads people tread the sidewalks with flashy sneakers, clean shirts, dyed hair, and Prada sunglasses. The lack of urbanism does not affect people’s self-respect and the beauty salons continue to flourish at every corner. Poverty is constantly rubbing shoulders with wealth.

From such a concrete jungle and a passion for Japanese manga, Autumn7 draws her inspiration. She seeks to reflect a reality blended with surrealistic characters. We visited her workplace place (shared with the other members of Gradient of Human) in the city center to discover more about the ins and outs of such impressive work.

Autumn7 Mongolia fashion design

How did you get into fashion?

At school I was good at home education studies and wanted to enrol into the University of Culture. But then my family friend graduated from Urlakh Erdem fashion design university and suggested I go there.

Initially I wanted to study interior design but my mother said I should study fashion design. I planned to move my major to interior design after the first semester. Then, I got closer to my classmates and remained in fashion. After I graduated, in order to improve my skills, I accepted every clothing order I received and I sought feedback on the clothes I made. I worked for a Korean sports brand and other Mongolian fashion brands for over a year. I went to the Japanese Mercedes Benz fashion week where I learned a lot about international fashion weeks.

I like the chance to work on details, which helps me to improve my skills. In my opinion, when we focus on the details, our skills improve, rather than believing we can learn new things only by going overseas. If I stay busy, my brain functions well, but when I take a long leave, I feel like I think too much and not many ideas come.

What are the values of Autumn 7?

I never think about that actually. When I look at the materials, I get ideas of what I want to make and whilst making the clothes, it continues to improve and change. First of all, I want to like what I am making. If I like my designs I can feel that they become better. I believe the value of our brand concentrates on spotless details and the fact that I make everything in every process myself.

Autumn7 Mongolia fashion design

Tell us about your last collection

I like street dark looks and small sport details. But I am sure it will change and evolve. As for the photoshoot, I wanted to have it done at dawn to reflect the colour of the sky and wanted to shoot it on a bridge. We shot it at the bridge south of Shangri-La. I tell my general idea for the shoot and Hiroshi takes the photos reflecting that. Also, I really enjoyed working with the model Eni Jaki, she is very professional.

Why did you choose street dark looks?

I guess I like that. I like the look of it and it doesn’t mean I am a dark person. When I am making clothes, I think about the photoshoot, the music, the video, the whole scene. Sometimes, I think about the photoshoot and base the clothes around that idea.

Will the street dark style continue or is it going to change?

I think it will change, but I don’t want to follow the trends. I speak with my other designers and we talk about what we want to do.

What is the consistent touch you bring to each collection?

I like the warrior sense and style. I always liked that since I was a kid. I liked watching action movies and was interested in sword fighting etc. I especially liked historical action movies. I imagine people fighting while wearing my clothes and the clothes flying around them.

Autumn7 Mongolia fashion design

Interview: Khatantuul (Autumn7)

Author: Adrien de Ville

Translation: Oyu Sukhbaatar

Review: Gregory Greif

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