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When yoga defies gravity

Sainjargal Buyanjargal practices yoga for several years. From this discipline, she found a certain peace needed to handle a stressful and distractive lifestyle. In this article, she shares her experience and offers interesting tips to balance body and soul.

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What are your top five recommendations for having a healthy body?

First, you need to learn to stop thinking. We think constantly from morning until night. Meditation helps to slow down thinking.

Second, the food you eat affects your feelings. What you eat affects your thoughts. Eating healthy doesn’t mean becoming vegetarian. With meditation and yoga, you start feeling what you want to eat.

Third, you need body movements with yoga, exercise etc. However, I’m mentioning exercise and yoga, because controlling your body with reason is a different thing. Yoga connects the mind and body. Therefore yoga isn’t just body movements. It’s also a practice of being in the present moment. With other things, we are in the past or in the future.

Fourth, I think one needs beauty. Beauty in their life, in their relationships, in their sight. I wish people to express the beauty inside them with creativity. It can be anything like yoga or fashion. Everyone has their own world. And those who learn their inner world have more success.

Fifth is love. Without love, life seems hard for anyone. This is the most important. By love, rather than loving someone, love yourself. With yoga, you meet yourself for 20 minutes. When we close our eyes, we feel the darkness. And this is our essence. Essence is nothing, but everything is there. This is love. Love is inside you. We express it through loving others. Looking inside yourself is important. People want a lot from yoga, for example they want to lose weight or get rid of stress. But actually, one doesn’t need to want that much from life. Most people have expectations. And if they cannot reach a result, they stop doing it. Personally, at first I didn’t have any goal to reach something. Probably that’s why I’m still doing it.

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What makes life light is yoga. While doing it, you feel the present.

Sainjargal Buyanjargal

You mostly teach aerial yoga. What are the benefits of aerial yoga compared to seated yoga?

Aerial yoga uses silks to support your body. The silks allows you to hang upside down, which has a positive effect on blood circulation. In addition, this approach has a quicker effect on the body than seated yoga.

From what I see with my students, one month of aerial yoga will bring the same results as three months of seated yoga. You will be tempted to think it is better to start with seated yoga, but the only physical difference is in the use of different muscles.

A beginner can start aerial yoga without having specific skills.

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Is there an age restriction?

It is difficult to take students under seven years old. Kids before this age cannot understand the exercises well. When I say “climb” young children cannot completely understand the meaning. So it is difficult for the teacher.

Aerial yoga becomes difficult for people older than fifty five. After sixty muscle stiffening starts to occur. Although their mind understands their body cannot fully accomplish it.

Classes are divided by age category. Children and adults have their specific courses. And above fifty, it is better to take private lessons.

Is the practice of yoga increasing in Mongolia?

Yoga has boomed recently, especially during the quarantine. I was amazed to see so many online classes. In 2014, there was only Mandala Yoga. Now almost every apartment complexes has a yoga facility. It is a good sign to see people caring about their mind and body. Many people cannot receive psychological therapies and yoga will definitely help.

With meditation, people change after a while, whereas yoga has quick impact on your physical body and mentality. I see there is improvement on their postures and feelings.

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There is a story about how you jumped and broke your back. Can you talk about that experience?

Yes, a while ago I went to a gymnastic lesson. I was greedy to become more flexible, pushed too hard and had a very hard injury. From that injury I learned a person shouldn’t be greedy after something. I was trying too hard to become better.

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Author: Adrien de Ville

Review: Gregory Greif